Day Two and Work

So my day went ok. Doing the AIP protocol while at work will be different. I think it might be easier since I will be busy with work and not thinking or focusing on food. That is my problem while at home. Especially since I am still looking up recipes, cooking, and making menus.

So for breakfast I had some 50/50 (beef/pork) sausage patties and grapes. For a snack later I had the rest of my grapes and some real root veggie chips. I purchased them from a local organic grocery store but I plan on making my own soon. For lunch I had beef and root vegetable soup (made in the crockpot all day yesterday). It was good, except it needed more garlic (I LOVE garlic) and I decided I dislike parsnips. So thats a bummer. Lesson learned. I’ll cook up the parsnips when I make veggie chips and then after that I won’t buy them again. Next time I’m trying rutabaga. For dinner I had a pork chop and some pureed sweet potatoes. Yum.

I discovered today I need a pick me up around 1-2pm. I used to drink coffee with cream and sugar and usually a no bake oatmeal cookie or some cookie like dessert. I need to find something to fix that craving. The worst part will be coffee. I can have it, but only black. YUK. I’ve tried coconut cream/manna. Yuk. I tried to drink it black today…but still needed cream and sugar. I know…I know it isn’t allowed. So I am giving up coffee (super sad face). I guess I am going to try hot tea and that fake coffee/tea I got at Seven Grains. Shrug. I guess we shall see. Trial and error.

Oh and I made the Paleo moms plantain crackers today. Those were ok. Different but satisfying. Will work on more recupes later. I do plan on making bacon meatloaf and hiding some beef liver in there tomm. Yum? LOL. This diet is going to take a lot to get used too. Here’s to hoping it works and helps alleviate some, if not all, of my pain.


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