My Seven Grains Shopping Trip

So I found this lovely little organic/natural store in Tallmadge, Ohio (and its right around the corner from a chain that I workout at). it is called Seven Grains. The prices are reasonable. And the selection is pretty decent. At least for local and organic fruits and veggies. Meat not so much.

So what did I get? Well I finally got my Organic Virgin (Unrefined) Coconut Oil (and it was on sale!). I also got natural avocado oil (a wee bit expensive), organic black seedless grapes, organic GOLD beets (yes, these are supposedly sweeter and less “dirt” tasting), organic gala apples (my fav), Ohio grown (local) yellow pears, and wait for it…..Organic Dandelion and Ramon Dark Roasted Herbal “Coffee”. OK, OK, I know this sounds weird, but I am willing to try other things in order to replace my real coffee down the road. It is made by Teeccino and contains organic carob, chicory, dandelion, ramon seeds, and natural dark roast flavor. I will let you all know how that tastes later on.

So next on the list…how to make things with golden beets. Gnight!


2 thoughts on “My Seven Grains Shopping Trip

  1. Tiffany

    Hi! I found your blog by searching for AIP and teechino. I am on my 3rd week or AIP, not yet on reintroducing foods. What do you think about the ramón seeds in this flavor of teechino? Do you think they are AIP safe?



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