Pre-Whole30 and Feeling Awful

Well I thought I’d post a quick update. I think I am really finding out how different foods affect me. It is about a week before I start Whole30 and I have been trying to cook and/or give away foods to make room for the new foods..I am also trying out new veggies (I have never tried a turnip or beet before!) so I can see what I like and do not. Once I start the Whole30 AIP Paleo program, it will be good to know what I like so then I can just make up daily menus to go off of. Yesterday I made my crock-pot salsa chicken and boy was it yummy! Problem was as soon as I took three to four bites, I could feel my fibromyalgia get worse….it actually set me into a flare. 😦 It had many not so good foods (I will call trigger foods) like nightshade tomatoes and nightshade peppers. Damn you nightshades! Why do you have to taste so good but make me so sick?!?

I also wanted to test if the reaction was just all in my head (I knew it wasn’t), so with the leftover “stock” from the chicken I threw in some chili beans, frozen ground turkey, and frozen ground chicken. Cleaning out the freezer., check! I let the meat and stock simmer on low for ten hours overnight to make a fabulous Mexican Chili for today. So was it yum? Yes, and everyone at my friends daughters birthday party thought so too. Did I eat a few bites? Yep. Did I react to this trigger food? Yep. Le sigh. 😦 But I did not eat a lot so I am decent right now. I have decided to cut out all nightshades from now on just on principle. I know I react so why bother? Once I start the AIP protocol that will be one less worry of mine.

So whats next for me on this journey? Well I am stocking up on certain pantry items and trying different veggies that I have never eaten before. I even drank coconut milk for the first time. I am hoping to start the Whole30 program next Sunday, Sept 28, 2014. Until then I will keep this blog updated on my food adventures. Goodnight wordpress 🙂


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